Tax advice
Tax adviceDo you find tax legislation and regulations confusing? Do you suspect you are paying too much tax and missing out on tax advantages?

Tax advice

  • Are you looking for a tax advisor who can assist you in the area of attractive fiscal schemes, such as the innovation box and Research and Development Allowance (RDA)?
  • Are you planning to do business across the border and seeking advice on the associated tax advantages, such as the salary split, beneficial tax rates and the refund of Private Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Tax (BPM)?
  • Do you want to have your tax return completed so you can be sure it is done correctly?

You can contact BonsenReuling’s tax experts with confidence for help with these and other tax-related matters. BonsenReuling has a high-quality tax department, largely made up of tax lawyers and fiscal economists. It is the smart and creative solutions we devise for you or your company – within the limits of the law, of course – that set us apart. We also inform you proactively about opportunities to improve your tax situation. Our tax advisors work together with BonsenReuling’s legal advisors, ensuring that the fiscal and legal aspects of reorganisations, acquisitions and business successions, for example, are clarified and the best possible result is achieved.

Tax advice to help you through the maze of regulations and opportunities

Do you find tax legislation and regulations confusing? Our tax experts are not only aware of the threats posed by tax regulations, but also of the opportunities they present and our experts enjoy a good relationship with the tax authorities. This means they can actively contribute to your company’s success.

Possibilities offered by our tax advisors

Our tax advisors’ main tasks include:

  • Supporting the restructuring of companies
  • Advising on the appropriate legal form to adopt (sole trader/general partnership/limited partnership/private limited company/public limited company, etc.)
  • Supporting mergers, acquisitions, management buy-ins and buy-outs and business successions (Taurus Corporate Finance)
  • Optimising the business and private tax position of entrepreneurs
  • Conducting objection procedures and legal proceedings against the tax authorities
  • Advising in the area of prenuptial agreements and wills (estate planning)
  • Advising on the settlement of estates
  • Supporting divorce procedures
  • Filing returns (corporation tax/income tax/inheritance tax, etc.)
  • Advising on cross-border business in Germany; this knowledge has been bundled within our Germany desk

This is just a selection of the activities carried out by our tax advisors. Contact us for further information.

Tailored advice

BonsenReuling employs specialists who offer their services at a competitive rate. Where necessary, our tax advisors work together with the other disciplines within BonsenReuling, ensuring that you receive tailored advice at all times. You can arrange a no-obligation appointment with one of our tax experts at any time, with a view to having a tax scan carried out at your company, for example.

Mark de Jonge
Mark de Jonge

Managing partner | Tax advisor
+31 (0)544 - 39 33 33

Ingmar Pondes
Ingmar Pondes

Managing partner | Tax advisor
+31 (0)545 - 46 36 26

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