(Online) payroll accounting
(Online) payroll accountingTaking care of payroll accounting is often a huge task for entrepreneurs and calls for a great deal of expertise and insight.

(Online) payroll accounting

  • Are you employing an increasing number of staff and therefore keen to outsource your payroll accounting?
  • Do you excel in your own particular field as an entrepreneur but struggle with matters such as wage tax and annual income statements?
  • Does your organisation regularly make errors in its payroll accounting and consequently pay too much in contributions?
  • Are you looking for a reliable accounting firm that can take your entire payroll accounting off your hands?

Outsourcing your payroll accounting

BonsenReuling is happy to take care of its clients’ payroll accounting. Whether you simply want us to work out the salary calculations for your wage slips or would like to outsource your entire payroll accounting, anything is possible. Our payroll accountants are highly experienced in their field and work constantly to ensure they stay up to date with the latest developments and laws.

Possibilities in the area of payroll accounting

Our payroll accounting department can greatly assist entrepreneurs with the following:

  • complete outsourcing of payroll accounting and annual income statements
  • temporary outsourcing of payroll accounting in the event of illness or holiday
  • salary calculations for wage slips
  • application of CLA provisions and employment conditions
  • filing of returns with various bodies
  • application of wage tax and social security legislation

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