BonsenReuling professionalizes international service provision
BonsenReuling professionalizes international service provision
Frank Maarsingh RA
Frank Maarsingh RA


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BonsenReuling professionalizes international service provision


BonsenReuling Accountants-Belastingadviseurs is taking the next step in professionalizing services for companies subject to statutory audit and doing business internationally. This business unit is now called Kreston BonsenReuling Audit with the website

BonsenReuling has for many years already had the required licence from the Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM) for conducting statutory audits for companies for which this is mandatory. These are companies that meet two of the following three criteria: a balance sheet total of over € 4.4 million; a net turnover of over € 8.8 million and/or more than 50 (fulltime) employees. In order to offer companies doing business internationally a worldwide business network, since 2005 it has been a member of Kreston International, 13th in the world ranking of accountancy networks. More than 20,000 experts from 108 countries work closely together to offer solutions to businesses with cross-border issues. The member firms are specialists in accountancy, auditing, tax advice and management consultancy.

To increase the unity and recognition of this network, the members of Kreston International decided to use the name Kreston more in the outside world and to include the name Kreston in the company name. In this case: Kreston BonsenReuling Audit B.V. By belonging to this quality international network BonsenReuling is more visible as a serious regional alternative for companies that for this reason previously chose one of the big accountancy firms.

For all other services such as SME compilation practice, the name BonsenReuling will be maintained.

Press release BonsenReuling, 8 september 2014
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