Why BonsenReuling?
Why BonsenReuling?Reliable, committed and independent

Creative with a focus on solutions

Our creative and solution-focused advisors ‘think outside the box’ and strive to:

  • earn money for you
  • take your company to a whole new level
  • help you increase your profits and/or reduce your workload
  • limit risks, allowing you to sleep more easily
  • prevent, and where necessary resolve, problems for you
  • relieve the burden on your organisation

Every aspect considered

The various disciplines we cover help us ensure that every aspect is considered:

  • our tax department offers a high level of expertise and a strong focus on solutions, as well as specialists in a number of different areas (restructuring, pensions, VAT, inheritance and gift tax, innovation box, etc.)
  • our own legal experts offer practical advice in the areas of employment law, landlord and tenant law, insolvency, etc.
  • we have a successful and highly specialised team in the area of cross-border business
  • we have a Payroll desk that covers all employer-related advice and payroll processing
  • we offer expert and high-quality audit services; via SMA Accountants we hold the AFM’s strictest licence
  • we can work effectively thanks to our excellent reputation with the tax authorities
  • we offer excellent value for money
  • we have a high degree of social involvement in the region
  • and, last but not least, we are also entrepreneurs ourselves!
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